Mass Finishing Tip 2. Check That The Media Condition Is Good

Abrasive media (for deburring, radiusing, blending machining marks, etc…) needs to have an ‘open face‘ to work as it should.  This is where you can feel the abrasive particles when dragging your finger nail over the surface of the media (like a file).

When media becomes ‘clogged‘ due to insufficient levels of compound being added to the process bowl, poor draining, poor quality media, etc… it becomes smooth (and even shiny in extreme cases).  Often times users can think this to be a benefit as ‘it lasts for ever‘.  In truth though it just has stopped cutting and not only does it last for ever, so do your process times!  If your media is smooth and your finish or process times are adversely affected it is time to throw it away and refill the machine with new media.

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Similarly if and when the media wears and becomes smaller and smaller the packing density becomes tighter, the mass of the media heavier and as a result it moves less freely, again slowing down your process.  Be aware of the size of the media when it is new and determine the size at which it needs to be removed from the process bowl and replace with new.  To make this a simple, non-labour intensive task Rösler machines can be fitted with reverse screens or media can be evacuated over vibratory separation decks to take all of the undersized media out quickly and efficiently.  It may be the smaller media can be used on other, better-suited work where its reduced size will be an asset.

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