Centrifugal Disc Finishing Tip 7. Check The Machine Tub And Spinner Are In Good Condition

Over time the polyurethane tub and spinner will wear. This will happen more quickly with highly abrasive process media and with sharper / heavier components and very slowly with polishing processes (providing the correct ratios of parts-to-media are adhered to).

When a tub and spinner set wear (they should always be supplied and replaced in sets), or worse become damaged a number of things can happen: namely a loss of drive in the process bowl (worn drive ribs on the spinner) and the opening (widening) of the gap (as described in Tip 4). Where tub (bowl) ribs wear they cease to prevent flat / smooth / light parts from sticking to the sides of the process bowl, the result of which can be poor / inconsistent process results.

It is recommended to regularly check the condition of the tub and spinner Tub and Spinner(ideally when you are changing media anyway to save any extra labour) and monitor it for signs of wear or worse still, damage. Depending on the process hot cast polyurethane linings have proven the most durable and will last many years in operation where housekeeping and maintenance are good. In the event of abuse or extended life where wear and/or damage occur we would always advise a complete replacement of the tub and spinner set as the best solution to return your machine back to a reliable working condition.


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