Centrifugal (High Energy Disc) Finishing – What Is It And Why Should You Consider Using It?


Centrifugal (high energy disc) finishing is a mass finishing technology that allows rapid finishing of smaller, robust parts. Whereas vibratory finishing utilises a moving bowl transferring energy into the contained media (chips) and parts in this case the bowl is static and movement is caused by a rotating disk, fixed on a shaft in the base of the bowl.

Standard FKS Machine

In like-for-like comparisons metal removal rates can be 8-10 times higher and therefore process times can be 8-10 times less than achieved in a vibratory finishing machine and so the equipment lends itself to applications where fast, high volume throughput of component finishing is required.

As with vibratory mass finishing it is widely used by component manufacturers for a variety of applications:

  • Deburring
  • Radiusing
  • Cutting Down / Blending
  • Colouring or Burnishing
  • Deflashing
  • Cleaning


To see how a centrifugal (high energy disc) finishing machine works click on this YouTube video:FKS animation image as at 15022016



To see how a centrifugal (high energy disc) finishing machine can be linked into a fully FKS film image as at 15022016automated loading, processing, unloading, separating and drying cell please click on this YouTube video:



To understand more about the types of industries and components where mass finishing can be used please see our blog: Applications For Mass Finishing Machines

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