Dispensable Blast Media – Choice And Use


Abrasive blast medias
These abrasive blast medias are of a hardness on MOH’s scale 7

Iron Silicate or Copper Slag  

Iron Silicate is often better known by its original name of copper slag.
Copper slag is a cheap by product from the base metal smelting industries, mainly used as an expendable abrasive and is typically used on engineering sites such as insitu bridge decking.

It is a very cost effective, expendable, synthetic mineral abrasive manufactured from the waste  slag produced by copper smelting / refineries.  Its appearance is glassy, is brittle and fractures upon impact.  It produces a great deal of dust, this means that it is only suited to use in open blasting applications and should not be used in any re-circulating system.Copper slag

If used in an open blast application, this abrasive product makes it ideal for rapid corrosion removal prior to a re-coating process.

Although not particularly harmful to health, when used with the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) the black dust created should be regarded as a nuisance by anyone coming into contact with it.


Site blasting applications. example – removal of corrosion and paint prior to recoating. Typical users could be contract blasters working on site, cleaning bridge decking, insitu steelwork, commercial vehicle chassis cleaning etc.

The more commonly used medias are:

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