Plastic Blast Media – Choice And Use


Non-abrasive blast medias 
These plastics are of a hardness on MOH’s scale 3-4

Melamine Media

Melamine (Type III) Plastic Abrasive Grit.Melamine

Melamine plastic is an ideal option for stripping  difficult surfaces and provides a dry process for effective stripping. Of all the plastic blast media, Melamine is the mor e aggressive abrasive, offering an range of paint and detritus stripping capabilities, avoiding metalic and ferrous contamination.


Urea Plastic Media

Urea (Type II) Plastic Abrasive Grit.Urea

Urea is a plastic blast media stripping abrasive used in blast-cleaning operations.  It is the most commonly and widely used plastic media.

  • Urea is environmentally friendly and recyclable – an alternative to chemical stripping.
  •  Urea is formulated to meet the demand of an ever increasing level of stripping speed
  • Urea is used for less critically sensitive applications.


Acrylic Media

Acrylic (Type V) Plastic Abrasive Grit.Acrylic

Acrylic media is the longest lasting media on the market.  It is very gentle on the substrate and formulated for stripping the most sensitive surfaces while still providing an effective stripping rate.  Acrylic media offers an excellent range of stripping capabilities and is classed a multipurpose media.


Nylon – Deflashing media

Used for effective deflashing without damaging surfaces of thermoset components, rubber parts, electrical parts, computer components and metal die-castings.  Their bulky shape has faster through-put than cylindrical shaped media.  Nylon pellets produce almost no dust  and without color contamination even when blasting different coloured thermoset products.  Nylon media can be used very effectively in both air-blast and wheel-blast equipment and lasts for a great deal of time.


Polypropylene or RAT blast mediaRAT

100% polypropylene bead media is exceptionally in light weight and is ideal for the removal of “fash” as it is known in the knife manufacturing industry. Serrated knives keep their sharp edge intact after blasting away any “fash” that may remain after being ground.  This provides one of the lightest of blasts delivered by venturie / suction air systems.


Thermoset Polycarbonate

This is a soft abrasive effective for paint stripping and blasting delicate surfaces such as fibreglass, composites and plastics.thermoset 2
Manufactured from 100% recycled materials. Blasting with Type VI plastic media preserves the surface profile of delicate components and substrates and does not mark or pit unless used at excessive pressures.

Type VI meets the requirements of Mil-Spec MIL-P-85891A and is approved for use by the U.S. Army,  Navy and Air Force.  Industries include: automotive restoration – to remove paint and coatings; aircraft maintenance requirements.

Thermoset 1

The more commonly used medias are:

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