Perfect Surface Finishes For Parts Produced By Additive Manufacturing


Advanced composite and metal additive manufacturing components require final surface finishing.

Whenever the surface of aerospace, automotive, creative, dental, industrial tooling, medical and moulding tools are produced with additive manufacturing the surface requires to be improved.

Additive manufacturing, the creation of 3-D solid objects by using a series of layered materials, allows the production of complex individual components from various materials such as plastic, nickel alloys, titanium, stainless steel and precious metals.

It permits the creation of shapes and geometries which are not possible with any other production method. However, the surface finish of parts created with additive manufacturing frequently requires final finishing.

RapidFinish mass finishing processes remove material steps and leave a smooth, blended surface

RapidFinish mass finishing processes remove material steps and leave a smooth, blended surface

The adaptation to particular work piece shapes and surface requirements can be achieved by the development of tailor-made finishing solutions.

Equipment and process methods for either the intensive or very gentle surface smoothing of such components are available according to their component substrate and design geometry.

AM parts closeup film as at 02082016

Click here to see how mass finishing
can be used to improve the surface of
an SLS manufactured titanium component

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PeterPost PicturePost Written By:
Peter Post Uiterweer
Marketing Manager
Rösler Benelux

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