The 9 critical points to check you get the most out of your air blast machine and process

Here are 9 critical points to help you get the most out of air blasting:

1. Ensure You’re Working To The Correct Parameters.

2. Select The Correct Air Pressure To Deliver The Chosen Media And Optimize Both Work Speed And Costs.

3. Choose The Smallest Media That Will Do What Is Required.

4. Remember That A Small Heavy / Dense Media Particle Will Gain Much More Energy RSKI1000-SoThan A Large Light Particle.

5. Media Flow Regulation Requires To Be Optimised On A Pressure System.

6. On The Venturie / Suction Delivery System Alternative Regulation Requires Attention.

7. Surface Consistency And Repeatability.

8. Nozzle And Air Jet Size Compatibility On A Venturie Fed System.

9. Quality And Delivery Of Your Compressed Air.


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