Blast Cleaning – Without Dimensional Change!

Blast Cleaning – an expedient process of cleaning without impinging the substrate surface. A process that is ideal for cleaning new and used, more delicate precision components  by OEM, sub contractors, remanufacture and maintenance divisions within almost all industries.

Extrusion die

Extrusion Die

Dry blast techniques are now common place as soft recyclable cleaning media is employed.  Even complicated shapes and sensitive materials can be efficiently cleaned without substrate erosion or dimensional change.

Rubber-Sole-Dies 2

Shoe Mould

wine bottle mould

Bottle Mould






Dry blast cleaning is for the precision cleaning of glass moulds, foundry moulds, forge dies, rubber and polymeric industry moulds, automotive component remanufacturing, compressor valve remanufacture, food process, machinery maintenance and tools without damage to delicate surfaces.

forge die mould

Forge Die Mould

Automatic wheel-blast systems are often quoted for the efficient cleaning of dies used in extrusion processes.

gravity die mould

Gravity Die Mould

Blast cabinets are frequently used for cleaning or removing heat scale from small intricate shapes, cavities and mould surfaces.  They can also be used for localised peening applications and is often specified in conjunction with the aerospace engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) departments.

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