Batch Treatment Of Springs

Leading manufacturers of engine valve and piston ring springs utilise general blast cleaning and shot peening systems.
There are various blast treatment options adapted to a multitude of spring sizes and geometries, depending on your treatment objectives.

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No other industrial item is produced in such a wide variety.



To prepare them for their respective use, these essential equipment components require to be shot blasted for various technical reasons, amongst them being:

  • increasing their overall uptime capability
  • meeting stricter technical specifications
  • the design criteria demands less weight, which demands higher quality
  • removing scale and other contaminants after heat treatment
  • eliminating sharp edges

Both standard machines and tailor-made solutions are available for a wide range of applications for batch and continuously fed blast systems.

Here we discuss a standard  barrel machine for batch processing:

RMBC-style batch machine

For the batch processing of springs an endless belted barrel blast system (RMBC) is often the preferred machine type.

Long Life turbines always represent an excellent technical solution whenever high throughputs are required, abrasive blast media is used, or high Almen readings are desired, when shot peening,

For superior shot blast results the machines are fitted with a suitable work belt, with integrated mixing strips to increase and stir the cascading action of the parts.

inside of rmbc
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Another alternative, RMBC machine for shot peening purposes offers more sophisticated technical controls for managing the blast media flow rate, shot size and the turbine speed (RPM). For the ultimate high value spring market, a move beyond commercial peening may be a requirement. A PLC of a higher capacity and software is capable of providing  an indicative readout of the control parameters that verify the process either as a constant or as a batch.

maximp youtube imageAn additional very useful feature to consider is the MAX-IMP system for automatic control and quick adjustment of the blast pattern. This guarantees the optimum location of the “hot spot”, which is essential for achieving the best possible shot peening results.

And finally, for consistency of finish, an integrated blast media replenisher with electrical controls, will ensure the equipment turns out the springs to your surface specification, time after time without deviation.


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