A Complete Shotblasting And Painting Line

The demand for pre-finished quality steel sections, plate and tube is increasing throughout the world, year on year.  Many steel stockholders, distributors, fabricators and shipyards require their steel to be brought to the highest standard of cleanliness and coated for corrosion protection.


Preservation Line with Play Button cropped

 Automatic transfer of the profiles into the system

To maximise production through this system, a batching process of steel plates and profiles can be continuously fed through the preservation line.

Alternatively, but a less productive method, is to place plate and sections through as demanded by the shop floor. Shotblasted steel only can be accommodated, by placing the steel on the same line and switching off the automatic paint booth.

The steel plates and sections can be stored outside and transported to the preservation line with a roller conveyor. A blow off station removes any water, leaves and other contaminants from the surface of the work, before they pass through the integrated roller conveyor style shot blast machine.

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Revolutionary paint system for water based paints

The paint system can be designed for four paint materials with different colours.

Different paints have been developed and adapted to the welding processes. One paint type is water based and contains only 20 grams of solvent per litre. The other paint material does not contain any solvents at all and consists of a curing agent and zinc powder.
For mixing of the two components an automatic paint preparation system, which allows mixing the exact amount of paint required to treat a certain, pre-defined quantity of plates and profiles. This keeps paint losses at an absolute minimum. The amount of water based paint material is also prepared according to the given workload. All paint changes can take place without interrupting the coating process.


The dryer

The long dryer is designed to provide the optimum curing and hardening of the water based paint materials. The length of dryer is subject to the linear process speed of the material passing through the equipment. It is equipped with multiple gas burners and fans, which blow air from above and below and allow the creation of zones in the dryer with different heat intensities. This guarantees that the top paint layers do not cure prematurely (forming a skin), thus preventing the evacuation of moisture. The finished plates and profiles are delivered to one of several dedicated staging areas from where they can be issued to subsequent manufacturing stages.

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