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MPa and Relationship to Almen Strips

Almen Strip Comparator This test is widely used on the shop floor as they are comparator measurements, calibrated originally from the MPa measurement results of the x -ray diffractometer. The requirements for these checks, are specified in standards. The aerospace … Continue reading

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How to Measure Residual Stress

Measurements – Imperial and Metric explanation Imperial Ksi means kilopound per square unit and is derived from psi(lbs/square inch).  Kilo, which is often used in the metric system basically means a thousand (1000).  It comes from the Greek word for 1000. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Measurement Of Compressive Residual Stress Using X-ray Diffraction

A sub-surface compressive residual stress profile is measured using x-ray diffraction measuring equipment. The X-axis is the measurement of the depth in mm or inches the Y-axis is measure of residual stress in ksi or MPa.

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What Will Peening Do For My Components?

Shot peening is a cold work process used to enhance the life of metal components, to prevent fatigue, stress corrosion failures and prolong the product life for the component part. Fatigue is the weakening of a material caused by repeatedly applied loads.  It … Continue reading

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Process Water Recycling Systems

Industrial process water  re-circulation is the preferred water treatment method for so many applications.  Process water recycling systems can be connected to virtually any wet processing machine (and multiples of) and can make significant savings by way of reduced volumes of water (and compounds) used … Continue reading

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