Process Water Recycling Systems

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Industrial process water  re-circulation is the preferred water treatment method for so many applications.  Process water recycling systems can be connected to virtually any wet processing machine (and multiples of) and can make significant savings by way of reduced volumes of water (and compounds) used and their associated disposal costs.


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Step A: Collection of a batch of effluent

Step B: Separation of solids from the liquid phase by flocculation

Step C: Sedimentation of the flocculant

Step D: Filtered water extraction from the sludge before recycling

Functional Principle

The effluent to be cleaned flows either directly from the mass finishing system(s) to the centrifuge or it is transported to the centrifuge with a lifting (pump) station.  A rotating drum separates the “liquid” from the “solid” via high centrifugal force in the drum causes solid particles suspended in the process water to be deposited on the drum wall in the form of sludge.  Cleaned process water is then transported (“recycled”) either directly back to the mass finishing machine(s) or to an intermediate storage tank at a rate of between 500 and 2000 litres per hour.

2-phased water treatment (sludge/water)
Semi-automatic 2-phased water treatment (sludge/water)

In semi-automatic systems the sludge (the sludge consistency can be likened to that of a “potters clay”) with a residual water content of as low as 20% can be easily removed from the centrifuge with a polyurethane basket that is inserted into the rotary drum.

Automatic systems use a sludge peeling knife for fully automatic extraction of sludge from the rotary drum. Depending on the application, several mass finishing systems can be connected to one single process water recycling system with capacities of between 800 and 3500 litres per hour.


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Rősler Z1000 automatic effluent treatment system animation


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