Three Reasons To Shot Peen Medical Implants

People associate shot peening with automotive and aerospace components.  However, did you know it’s used in the medical implant and component industry.  Bone screws, dental implants, and hip and knee replacement components are just a few of the medical implants that are shot peened.

Here are the top three reasons medical device manufacturers have embraced shot peening:


  1. Shot peening makes components stronger without adding additional material and weight. This is also why automotive and aerospace manufacturers use shot peening.
  2. It’s a proven process that is relatively inexpensive to implement or outsource. Shot peening is a mature industry with leading-edge machinery, quality-control tools, training and other educational resources.
  3. The shot peening process is controllable and repeatable. In 2014, “SAE J3020 for Medical Device Shot Peening” was published. It will assist medical implant manufacturers in validating their shot peening process.  This link to the SAE spec is available for purchase from SAE Authority direct:



Click here for further information on shot peening medical implants.


For further information about finishing implants and medical devices click here


photoPost written bytsplogo
Kathy Levy
Associate Editor, Writer, Designer
The Shot Peener Magazine


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