Keramo® Superfinishing

Any time two metal parts come into contact with each other the resulting friction causes heat build up.  These high temperatures cause wear and over time reduce efficiency and eventually create the need for replacement.  By creating a smooth and shiny finish the  process improves the life and efficiency of moving metal parts.  Increased life translates into lower operating costs as well as better performance.

The Superfinishing process removes the unevenness of surface roughness inherent in the manufacturing process.  By safely removing these microscopic peaks, the Superfinishing process leaves a much more uniform surface that reduces friction and allows for increased lubrication capability.


While the dimensional integrity of the part remains intact, the result is an improved component that will operate at lower temperatures, have increased durability, quieter operation and increased uptime.  Additional benefits include improved load carrying capacity, lower operating costs, reduced rotational torque and without metallurgical degradation.

Certain Superfinishing processes are capable of generating a surface roughness average as low as Ra 0,02µm these superfinishes achieve the highest performance ratings in terms of friction, heat, noise and wear.

Superfinishing of aluminium, magnesium, nickel, stainless steel or titanium components

The Superfinishing process is used in F1, motorsport, medical implant, surgical and both land and aerospace turbine industries.  It is highly successful on parts that operate in extreme environments.  The results confirm that no matter what your product is, the Superfinishing process will make a difference in performance, and save time, energy and money.

Superfinishing method designed to meet the specification requirements of several of the worldwide largest aircraft manufacturers

When selecting a Superfinishing process one critical aspect is that the components can not have any part-on-part contact during processing.  Media and compound are matched to the individual processing requirements.  High performance abrasive media or polishing media, grinding media with microfine graining or grinding pastes, as well as specially suited compounds are used.


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