Automated Shot Blast Solutions For Higher Value Castings

While today’s foundry operations are mostly automated, surface treatment frequently still involves a lot of manual labour resulting in one of the most costly operations within a foundry.  Automated systems tailor-made to the unique requirements of desanding, deburring, cosmetic finishing and overall surface finishing of raw castings not only significantly reduce costs but also increases process safety.

Regardless of how a component is cast, tasks such as desanding, deburring, and surface cleaning are often still carried out manually.  Not only are they extremely time consuming and highly labour intensive but the quality of manual blasting strongly depends on the skills of the person who is blasting, resulting in a process that is neither consistent or documentable.  High quality shot blast results are however a crucial aspect for any foundry product as well as being an important competitive factor.

Staying Competitive By Automating The Blast Cleaning Process

In the field of post treatment of small to medium-size castings in particular, solutions are available that will significantly increase the degree of automation in the fettling and finishing department of a foundry.  The benefits are not only limited to the field of large area external shot blasting as targeted desanding and/or deburring of holes, channels, vents and undercuts are also possible.

In order to achieve optimum results in geometrically complex parts, it is imperative to determine the most suitable position of the blast turbines or nozzles, as well as the component and this is normally done by way of a 3D simulation of the proposed blast cleaning process.

The automatic control and monitoring of  various parameters of the shot blasting process ensures that all components are treated according to their individual needs at a consistently high quality level.

By registering every single component in the equipment control panel program, the conditions under which the component has been shot blasted can be traced back reliably.  The advantages of automated processing of iron, steel and non-ferrous raw castings are such that the cost savings and quality improvements can be listed as follows:

  • Up to 80% less manual work
  • Lower labour cost
  • Higher throughput rates
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Repeatable and documentable shot blasting processes
  • Improved process safety

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