Cleaning Of Cutlery In A Highly-Efficient Way

Due to newly designed industrial cutlery cleaning equipment, companies in the catering trade, i.e. event hire companies, restaurants, hotels, conference facilities and any venue catering for large events can now experience very easy ways of cleaning high quantities of all kinds of cooking and eating utensils.

RCC 1 in combination wit RCD 1 – cleaning, drying and polishing of serving cutlery

The equipment shown combines the cleaning, drying and polishing process with minimal manual labour.  The cleaning takes places with specially developed cleaning media and food grade compounds.

Manual pre-cleaning is not necessary for this process.  After the cleaning stage the parts are passed through a rinse station with clear water then automatically transported to the dryer.  At this point all cutlery pieces are completely embedded into the bowl filled with special germ-free organic granular media which is heated to a pre-set temperature. The final result of the whole process is a highly-polished, absolutely spot-free finish.


  • Effective and efficient washing/cleaning of cutlery after use
  • Cutlery of all types – from small pastry forks to large soup ladles
  • Stainless steel and other high-quality cutlery, including silver, receive a brilliant, polished finish.  For instance traces of oxidization and scratches are completely removed.

Features and Benefits

  • The elimination of manual labour yields considerable cost and time savings
  • No pre-cleaning of the cutlery is required
  • No extensive cleaning or maintenance of the equipment is required
  • The mechanical cleaning process takes place with specially developed polishing media resulting in a extremely low consumption of water and detergent
  • No initial drying
  • No water puddles around the equipment
  • The immediate environment remains free of moisture and dust
  • No mixing of contaminated/used and already cleaned cutlery pieces during the rinse cycle

Three Treatment Stages

1cleaning-of-the-cutlery. Cleaning of the cutlery:

Use of ceramic, ecological polishing compound for mechanical cleaning.  Processing times are variable and depend on the degree of contamination.  No pre-cleaning is required.

rinsing2. Rinsing:

Final rinse after cleaning with fresh water.



drying-and-polishing3. Drying and polishing:

RCD dryer with heated and germ-free drying media.




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