Replacement Blast Turbine And Spare Parts

 PART 3         The Case for Superior Blast Wheel / Turbine Efficiency

Our / Your Aims

To reduce to a minimum the amount of maintenance labour required on the blast wheel.  By placing superior quality spare wear parts into the blast wheel, that will sustain and maintain the blast pattern between 2 and 20 times longer, depending on your application, choice of blast wheel and abrasive type employed.

Reduce the number of wear parts required to be purchased per annum, by making the spares of higher quality material and design, which wear at a much slower rate, and maintain their integrity for very much longer.

How To Achieve The Benefits, Savings And Additional Production

By allowing the maintenance intervals to be spaced out as wide as possible, eliminating so many of the maintenance hours required, making that saving and providing increased machine uptime, ready to accept additional production.


The real value of this can only be calculated by the company, costing personnel and operational management, as they are the ones who will know their present values.

Wear Parts Replacement

Less resource consumption up to 30% cost savings for blast media and spare parts.


The blades of the Gamma “G” turbine are of substantial proportion and can be changed or reversed (used twice), without loss of balance.

The set of the blades can be changed within 7 mins on a 400-mm diameter blast wheel / turbine. (See video at the end of this post).

The Gamma “G” is by far the most maintenance-friendly turbine in the market. It can be installed in a wide-range of new shot blast equipment but can also be easily retrofitted into existing blast machines.

At the moment, for value, there are no comparable turbines available. Irrespective of the industry, be it foundries, ship building or steel fabrication, the Gamma “G” increases turbine uptimes by a factor of two and drastically reduces the time required for maintenance.

The advantages against conventional standard turbines:

  • Extremely easy replacement of throwing blades / vanes
  • Utilisation of both sides of the throwing blades / vanes
  • Very high energy efficiency
  • Uniquely curved throwing blades / vanes
  • The Gamma “G” blast wheel / turbine is the lesser cost in initial investment when compared to the Rutten blast wheels.
  • Wear parts for the Gamma “G” blast wheel are not dissimilar in cost to standard blast wheel components

y-blade c_blade


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