How To Ensure You Get The Maximum Performance Out Of Your Blast Turbine

Rutten “C” and “Y” Blast Wheel Turbines


The Long-life Rutten has the longest ultimate life expectancy of any, lasting upto 20 times longer than a standard blast wheel or turbine.

This is a highly-engineered blast wheel with exceptionally tight tolerances and built-in specialist superior steel alloys.  Due to the higher value materials and the high specification machining costs of these materials, the initial investment and cost of component wear parts are more highly valued.

However, if maintenance and/or production problems are presently a big issue, the economics of this blast wheel can be demonstrated in ultimately high production speeds and demanding applications.

Least Maintenance And Highest Specifications

Less costs for maintenance up to 16 times higher wear resistance and service life of up to 40,000 operating hours (over 18 years on a single shift).

rosler-gamma-y-wheel rutten-y-wheel

The proven Rutten Long-Life turbines, equipped with components made from carbide steel are characterised by their extremely long service life of up to 40,000 operating hours resulting in significantly higher equipment uptimes and drastically reduced time requirements for maintenance.

They offer substantial savings in energy consumption and spare part costs/hour. The blades have a precise design with a high recognition value and in addition allows the “Y” blade to be turned and used twice. Long-Life turbines are installed in a wide range of new shot blast equipment and can be easily retrofitted into existing shot blast machines.

 Rutten “C” Turbines and the patented Rutten Gamma “Y” Turbines provide “uniquely combined features” by providing:

  • Increased blast media projection speed (velocity)
  • Exceptional wear resistance (high-strength modern alloys)
  • Reduction of energy consumption (due to higher efficiencies)
  • Extreme long service life (C-Turbines, Rutten”Y” Turbines 8 to 20 times longer expected service life)
  • Adaptable blast pattern (long precise or shorter and wider)
  • Improved shot blasting results (C-Turbines 50% to 70%, Rutten Gamma “Y” Turbine 45% to 58% higher blasting productivity compared to conventional blast wheels)
  • Reduced shot consumption (up to 10%)
  • Very low consumption of spare wear parts (high-strength modern alloys)
  • Reversible turbine, blast pattern regulator and pre-accelerator on the Rutten Gamma “Y” Turbine

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