Every Day From Start To Finish

Mass finishing isn’t a term that everyone would necessarily know.  Mention it to most people and you’re likely to be met with a blank stare or a look of bewilderment.  Interestingly though we all come in to contact with the things it does on a daily basis.   So to explain this we thought we’d take you through a day in the life of Rösler mass finishing:


Rise & Shine …


Even before you open your eyes, Rösler has been hard at work. We have already treated most of the delicate mechanisms that control the accurate movements of your alarm clock.   After it’s time to wake up … as you enter the bathroom, notice how Rösler has already touched almost all of your gleaming fixtures and fittings.



Breakfast …

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Rösler has taken the time to treat your cutlery so you can take time to enjoy your meal. Each piece is perfectly smoothed and highly polished, adding to your enjoyment. Why not relax, sit back and read the mor­ning paper aided by Rösler, who have special processes for your glasses frames, making them light and comfortable to wear.

Shopping …

Shopping is a part of everyday life and whether we make our transactions using cash or credit Rösler is there. As you sign your receipt, our work is hidden in the small metal, high grade parts of your favourite pen.  The change in your pocket would have been through our highly specialised coin blank finishing process.

Work …


We all have to do it and we need to travel to get there.  It’s fascinating to think that the precision finish required for your car’s cam­shaft or indeed on a turbine blade of a jet engine, are all an important part of the work Rösler does!
Communication is just as important. Imagine your working day without the use of a mobile phone? Rösler finish the castings to per­fection, and we test the rugged durability of mobile handsets so you don’t have to worry.


Leisure time …

Whether you go cycling in the summer or ice-ska­ting in the winter Rösler is always close by.  Maybe you prefer a round of golf or a spot of DIY? Whatever your game, Rösler is a major player.  The refined Rösler surface finishes set the standard. We can even help with unavoidable tasks like ironing.  We provide smooth and polished surfaces for the sole plates of your iron, so you can glide through this chore with ease.

Evening …

A shining candelabra adds a stylish touch as you unwind over a romantic evening meal.  The highly polished, perfectly finished centrepiece provides the perfect ending to yet another day.  Your tiring day is almost over … and remember as you turn out the light, the switches will have been degated and deflashed by Rösler.  We wish you a safe and carefree night.

If we can do all this in one day, imagine what we can do for you?

For more information on mass finishing surface preparation and surface finishing please visit www.rosler.com


Post written by
Stephen Lewis-Brammer
General Manager

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