Centrifuge technology offers eco-friendly advantages

The mass finishing process creates waste water. This substance known as effluent must be properly processed for reuse or disposal. Centrifuge technology offers solutions for cleaning and/or recycling effluent.

Rosler offers a variety of options to process waste water including flocculation systems and the elimination of vibratory finishing sludge. Each type of waste has unique factors and considerations.

Flocculants for Water Circulation Systems

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The Rosler Turbo-Floc®-System enhances the separation capabilities of the centrifuge: special flocculation compounds combine very fine particles into larger “flocs,”, which are easier to separate from the liquid. Even process water contaminated with oil can be cleaned in this manner. The mass finishing compounds in the process water are not affected.

To reduce the amount of hazardous materials in effluent to below legally required levels, special flocculation and cleaning compounds known as AR are used.

Common AR types include AR 8400, AR 8403, AR 8404, AR 8405, and AR 8407. While the characteristics, applications, advantages, disadvantages, and alternative compounds vary for each type, AR 8407 and AR 8403 are the most versatile flocculants and can be used in more than 80 percent of applications.

For the optimum flocculant selection, please contact Rosler and supply a waste water sample for testing.

Amount of Sludge from Vibratory Finishing

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The amount of sludge from vibratory finishing effluent depends on the type of media used and the method of effluent treatment. Approximate values for the amount of sludge, its volume, and its water contents vary.

In a centrifuge process, ceramic media creates less effluent sludge than plastic media. Assuming a bulk density of 150 pounds per cubic foot for ceramic and 106 pounds per cubic foot for plastic media, ceramic sludge has 1.55 pounds of mass, 35 percent water content, and 0.01 cubic feet of volume compared to plastic’s 1.8 pounds of mass, 45 percent water content, and 0.017 cubic feet of volume.

A Recycling Advantage

Rosler is the only supplier that offers the “total solution.” In addition to the comprehensive range of equipment, Rosler also manufactures ceramic and plastic media, as well as cleaning and flocculation compounds. Several thousand Rosler process water circulation systems are operating successfully in the field.

Whatever your waste water needs are, you can count on Rosler Metal Finishing to find a better way. Contact us today to submit an effluent sample and start the conversation.

The complete Centrifuge Series includes:

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  1. It’s good to know that this process can be used to separate water and oil from one another too. I would honestly have no idea how to decontaminate the water if oil fell into it. I’m glad I can just follow this process and be able to split them apart.

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