Part 2 – Aerospace Applications for Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory tub finishing is a great alternative to manual surface finishing for the aerospace industry.

From engine components and wings to landing gear, properly designed vibratory tubs can accommodate unwieldy work pieces, reduce production times and back logs, and produce a more consistent finish than manual finishing processes.

Our last blog post provided an overview of vibratory finishing’s role in the aerospace industry.

We now turn to specific applications and machine reports to demonstrate Rosler Metal Finishing’s vibratory finishing offerings and capabilities.

What We Offer

Vibratory tub finishing machines from Rosler can be customized to meet your unique aerospace finishing challenges.

Our most useful features include:machine2

  • Unload gates with external screening units.
  • Automatic media return.
  • Integrated rinse stations for finished work pieces.
  • Gantry systems for easy material handling of heavy, bulky parts.
  • Ergonomic equipment designs.

All Rosler tub vibrators are equipped with special vibration dampers to prevent the transfer of vibrations to the immediate environment. In order to keep the noise level below 80 dB(A), the machines are placed in special noise
protection cabins.

In addition to considerations for noise, Rosler engineers also develop features designed to conserve water. Our recycling solutions for the process water from the vibratory finishing process are equipped with special semi- or fully automatic cleaning centrifuges to reduce water consumption and disposal fees.

Not one single drop of water goes to waste. The dirty process water from the finishing machine is cleaned and re-used in the process.

What We Deliver

From air frame parts more than four feet wide to 23-foot long aluminum stringers and beyond, Rosler has the expertise and drive to design a vibratory tub machine for any aerospace need.  We have delivered successful solutions to all major aerospace customers around the globe.

Examples of our success can be found in these machine reports:

The Rosler Way

Whatever your aerospace finishing needs are, you can count on Rosler Metal Finishing to help you find a better way. Contact us today to discuss your unique challenges.

The complete Aerospace & Vibratory Tub Series includes:

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