Structural Steel FAQ, Part 9 – Removing Residual Blast Media and Dust

After shot blasting, structural steel components often require some cleaning. The degree of cleaning depends on the work piece’s condition prior to processing as well as machine set-up.

This installment of our Structural Steel FAQ series will answer How are residual blast media and dust removed from shot blasted steel components?

Why Remove Residue

Ancillary machine attachments and processes may be required to remove blast media and dust resting on structural steel components to ensure surfaces are properly prepared for painting and coating.

The need for a clean and well-prepared surface after shot blasting mirrors that of the pieces surfacing in the first place as discussed in Part 1 of this series.

Methods of Removal

Practically all plate and profile roller conveyor shot blast machines are equipped with a media brush-off system at the machine exit. By adding a rotary brush at the end of the process, residue is removed as the work piece exits the machine.

Brush off station

Many times, the brush unit is augmented by a blow-off system with one or multiple radial fans to ensure there are no “dead zones” where residue remains.

Monitoring the Work Piece

To account for different work piece dimensions, a photo cell is often included in the machine. This allows the machine to monitor the height of work pieces and automatically move brush- and blow-off units to accommodate variations in size.

The Rosler Way

Whatever your structural steel media needs are, you can count on Rosler Metal Finishing to help you find a better way and the best machine. Contact us today to discuss your unique challenges.

The complete Structural Steel Series includes:

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  1. That makes sense that you would want to remove any residue before painting. Hopefully doing that would make it so the paint adheres better and looks smoother. If I decide to use structural steel for a building I am thinking about having built, then I’ll have to look into getting rid of any residue on it as well.

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