Part-on-part mass finishing rotary vibrators and centrifugal disk machines from Rosler

Part-on-Part Mass Finishing, Part 2 – Rotary Vibrators Versus Centrifugal Disk Machines

As described in Part 1 of our Part-on-Part Blog Series, some forms of mass finishing techniques encourage part-on-part contact to achieve the desired finish. 

In addition to viewing work piece impingement as an asset, this type of mass finishing also eliminated the need for ceramic, plastic, and other types of media. The only additives required for such part-on-part finishing are water and the respective compounds.

Rosler Metal Finishing designs and manufacturers two machines specifically for part-on-part mass finishing known as WTA rotary vibrators and MK centrifugal disk machines.

The applications and benefits of each machine provide a range of part-on-part mass finishing uses for sturdy parts in bulk. Let’s compare their designs.

WTA Rotary Vibrators

Rosler developed special WTA rotary vibrators especially for part-on-part processing. These machines not only allow running the finishing/washing process, but also the subsequent drying stage in one single machine.

The WTA series’ unique, innovative equipment design is a key to finishing success. Design attributes as noted in the diagram include:

Rosler WTA rotary vibrator machine design
Rosler WTA rotary vibrator machine design
  1. A rotary vibrator at the center of the finishing system with a pneumatic unload gate.
  2. An integrated hot air generator which blows hot air onto the finished work pieces in the work bowl.
  3. Special dual function drains in the work bowl which use a diaphragm pump to extract process liquid.
  4. A suction fan which extracts drying air.
  5. A condensation unit which filters drying air.

A sophisticated compound dosing system allows for multiple finishing tasks within a single, automated process.

Rosler WTA rotary vibrator compound dosing system
Rosler WTA rotary vibrator compound dosing system

Rosler WTA rotary vibrator machines allow fully automatic part-on-part cleaning/degreasing, pickling, passivation, and drying of the work pieces in one single machine without any media.

MK Centrifugal Disk Machines

In addition to WTA rotary vibrators, Rosler also offers centrifugal disk finishing machines that allow part-on-part cleaning/washing and drying in a single machine.

Compared to vibratory equipment, centrifugal disk machines offer the advantage of about 10 times higher processing intensity. However, disk machines should only be used for treating small, sturdy work pieces that will not be damaged (scratched, bent, etc.) by the higher intensity.

Rosler MK centrifugal disk machine design
Rosler MK centrifugal disk machine design

As seen in the diagram, the rotating spinner at the bottom and the stationary work bowl of centrifugal disk finishing machine create the centrifugal force and the “vortex” needed to finish work pieces. The centrifugal force of the rotating spinner impels the mass of the parts and compound up the walls of the stationary work bowl. Once the parts have lost their kinetic energy, they collapse back to the center of the spinner. From there, they are accelerated again.

The Rosler Way

Not sure whether a rotary vibrator or centrifugal disk machine is best for your part-on-part application? We can help! Contact us today to discuss your surface finishing needs.

The complete Part-on-Part Series includes:

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