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Automotive Crankshafts, Part 3 – Typical Mass Finishing Machines Used for Crankshafts

Crankshafts are an integral automotive component. Utilized to convert piston movement into rotational motion, these work pieces must provide reliable stability and withstand tensile, compressive, and shear stresses.

Rosler Metal Finishing has extensive experience finishing crankshafts and other automotive work pieces with specially designed shot blasting and mass finishing equipment.

Let’s take a closer look at mass finishing machines offering outstanding processing for crankshafts.

Typical Machines

Built with specific work pieces in mind, Rosler designs several machines to process crankshafts and other automotive work pieces.

Due to their considerable size and weight, the only mass finishing machines capable of handling the deburring of crankshafts after machining are mid- to large-sized tub vibrators or linear, continuous flow vibrators.

Selecting one machine type over the other largely depends on the work piece’s size.

Tub Vibrators

These machines are ideal for processing a wide range of crankshafts, from light-weight small work pieces to those weighing more than 500 lbs, with lengths of up to 20 ft (6,100 mm)  or diagonal cross sections of 3.3 ft (1,000 mm).

Rosler Tub Vibrator
Rosler Tub Vibrator

Because of the size of the work pieces they accommodate, tub vibrators require time consuming and costly manual loading and unloading of the work pieces. That is why their use is limited to relatively low production volumes.

Linear, Continuous Flow Vibrators

For high-volume production, fully or partially automated linear, continuous flow vibrators are the ideal solution. These machines can handle large volumes of crankshafts with lengths of approximately 12 to 30 ft.

The use of robots or handling devices like gantry systems for loading and unloading allows fully automatic operation.

Rosler DA Linear Continuous Flow Vibrator
Rosler DA Linear Continuous Flow Vibrator

DA linear, continuous flow vibrators can handle the deburring of small- to mid-sized crankshafts at cycle times of less than one minute per part, more than 60 parts/hour.

They can be directly linked to the preceding machining operation and the subsequent washing process.

The Rosler Way

Rosler has more than 80 years of experience in surface finishing. Trust us to provide mass finishing solutions to your unique automotive work pieces and challenges. Contact us and we will help you find a better way.

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