Rosler aerospace machine reports

From airframe parts more than four feet wide to 24-foot-long aluminum stringers and beyond, Rosler has the expertise and drive to design a vibratory tub machine for any aerospace need. We have delivered successful solutions to all major aerospace customers around the globe.

Examples of our aerospace success can be found in machine reports for:

  • Deburring of landing gears – Rosler’s R 1200/3300 TDS is used by a renowned manufacturer to finish titanium landing gear weighing up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Deburring of aircraft stringers – A leading commercial and military aircraft manufacturer replaced manual deburring of stringers up to 24 ft long with Rosler’s R 425/7300.
  • Finishing of large structural airframe components – Aluminum airframe components from a well-known Belgian aerospace company are processed easily despite their bulky size in the Rosler R 1500/3300 TUM’s large processing bowls.
Rosler Metal Finishing aerospace machine reports

Whatever your finishing needs are, Rosler can learn about your challenges to develop and deliver a solution. Contact us today to discuss your unique challenges and to request a FREE sample processing in our test center.

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