Steve Lewis-Brammer NewStephen Lewis-Brammer
General Manager

Steve originally worked for Rősler UK between 1997 and 2000 in a sales role, specialising on mass finishing equipment and processes in the aero engine industry, having already worked with mass finishing since 1994.  After a period away from the business he re-joined Rősler UK in November, 2008 as General Manager.

He can be contacted directly by email at: or by telephone at: +44 (0)151 4820444.


Haydn KitchenHaydn Kitchen New A
Shot Blasting Technical Manager

Haydn has been in the “Surface Preparation and Finishing” world since the early 1970s, and has built up a wealth of knowledge on technical processes across a wide range of industries. Applications are his strength, and working with Rősler for the last 15 years, his layers of experience are invaluable!


Personal Assistant / Digital Marketing

Sandra has worked for Rösler UK since 1998, originally employed as a senior secretary and now personal assistant to Steve Lewis-Brammer.
Sandra’s role encompasses many different duties and responsibilities including digital marketing, in which she manages and administers the Roslerblog.

Sandra can be contacted directly by email at: or by telephone at: +44 (0)151 482 0444.


PeterPost PicturePeter Post Uiterweer
Marketing Manager
Rösler Benelux

Peter joined the Rösler Group in 2014. He was appointed as the responsible person for the marketing in Rösler Benelux. With a technical and economic background Peter methodically carries out strategic and operational tasks regarding the product, business and commerce.

Peter can be contacted directly by email at: or by telephone at: +31 412 653 698


Eugen PhotoEugen Holzknecht
Rösler Metal Finishing USA

After various management positions in other mass finishing companies in Germany Eugen joined Rösler Metal Finishing USA as General Manager in 2003.  After his retirement in 2009 he continues working part-time for Rösler in a consulting function. Eugen is also a contributing editor for mass finishing at Metal Finishing News (MFN).

Eugen can be contacted by E-mail at:


photoKathy Levy

Kathy Levy is a freelance designer and technical marketing writer. She is also the Associate Editor for The Shot Peener magazine (published by Electronics Inc.). In addition, she works with the Electronics Inc. staff to produce their marketing materials.

Kathy can be contacted at


koKo Buijs

Ko Buijs is a recognised metallurgical/corrosion specialist for stainless steels as well as special metals. He is also a lecturer for several organisations such as stainless steel associations, Technical High Schools and innovation centres. He has published over 150 papers in a number of technical magazines.

Ko can be contacted at


Maikel van Orsouw
Sales Engineer Blasting Technology
Rösler Benelux

Maikel has worked for Rösler Benelux since 2002.  His role as sales engineer blasting technology includes specific expertise for PureFinish®

Maikel can be contacted directly by email at



Shot Blasting and Mass Finishing Surface Finishing Experts

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