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Medical Instruments, Part 3 – Adjusting Surface Finishing Alongside Medical Advances

All medical technology requires precise surface finishing to ensure safety, strength, and longevity. The specific surfacing goal and technique vary though.

From stainless steel dental drill heads that require deburring and surface smoothing to stainless steel tweezers that require surface cleaning and texturing after forging/grinding and induction welding, the specific treatments are the key to surface finishing success.

Medical Instruments, Part 3 blog - Adjusting Surface Finishing Alongside Medical Advances

In our last medical instrument blog, Rosler Metal Finishing discussed the merits of mass finishing and shot blasting for medical instruments.

This blog will address a particularly challenging form of material in need of surface finishing and answer the question: What specific surface finishing challenges are there in the medical field?

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New: English-speaking training courses at Rösler Academy

Another major milestone for the Rösler Academy has been reached: starting in March 2019, the internationalization of the Academy is set to begin with the English-speaking seminar series. In twelve different training courses, participants will receive basic knowledge of vibratory finishing and blasting technology, in-depth knowledge of individual machine types, maintenance issues or processes such as shot peening. Interested persons can view all seminars with their contents, dates and prices on the new English Academy website;

The trainers of the Rösler Academy, all experts in their field, are specially trained by a train-the-trainer course including TÜV certification to provide specialized knowledge in an effective and varied way. The aim is to procure a decisive competitive advantage through effective knowledge transfer. Therefore, in the future our international business partners and customers will be able to benefit from the wealth of experience of the certified specialist and use it profitably in their company.