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Surface finishing guidebook for orthopedic implants

Among the various technologies used for finishing the surface of orthopedic implants, mass finishing and shot blasting play a key role. These surface finishing techniques make a big difference in these components’ quality and performance as well as their lifespan.

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Since joint reconstruction implants consist of two moving components interacting with each other, the requirements for these specific implants are extremely rigorous. Along with the right material choice and absolutely minimal dimensional tolerances, these components must have a perfect surface finish. This often involves achieving two distinct finishes on a single component.

Finishing goals range from cleaning, deburring/edge radiusing, surface smoothing, post-casting surface preparation, machining, CNC grinding, and, of course, final finishing.

To cover this complex topic, we’ve created an exclusive surface finishing guidebook specifically for orthopedic implants! 

In this guidebook, we will offer a primer on mass finishing and shot blasting technologies, including a look at the equipment and methods specifically used in the surface refinement of joint reconstruction implants. To highlight the versatility of the two surface finishing methods, we will illustrate in further detail how mass finishing and shot blasting processes add value in the production and processing of specific types of implants.

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