Pedicle screws used in spinal surgeries

Surface Finishing Guidebook for Spinal Surgery Implants

Among the various technologies used for finishing the surface of spinal implants, mass finishing and shot blasting play a key role. These surface finishing techniques make a big difference in these components’ quality and performance as well as their lifespan.

Spinal surgery requires the use of precision-fabricated implants. Selecting the material and finish most appropriate to the delicate nature of the procedure and strenuous demands on the implants requires careful consideration. Likewise, the instruments used within the surgical setting must also be carefully crafted and selected.

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Finishing goals range from cleaning, deburring/edge radiusing, surface smoothing, post-casting surface preparation, machining, CNC grinding, and, of course, final finishing.

To cover this complex topic, we’ve created an exclusive spinal surgery implants guidebook specifically for spinal surgery implants and instruments!

In this guidebook, we will take a look at specific surface finishing requirements for spinal implants based on their functional
and performance characteristics, and help you understand the
types of mass finishing and shot blasting equipment and methods available to fulfill these requirements. We’ll also provide a more detailed understanding of some specific finishing processes that are most commonly deployed.

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