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Polishing of Automotive Wheels


R 150/2 DL vibratory system with two external motors mounted on processing bowl
R 150/2 DL vibratory system with two external motors mounted on processing bowl


Alloy Wheel polishing has been significantly improved by optimising both the processing times and final results. These improvements have been achieved by mounting two motors on the process bowl, providing a stronger and uniform circulation of the grinding and polishing media.

Conventional machines have only a single motor in the centre and on more complex designed alloy wheels, additional machine inertia is desirable.

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Custom Engineered Automation Concepts for Foundries

Robotic Blaster

Automatic blast cleaning with high flexibility for production lines.  A robotic blaster is a combination of a shot blasting unit and a multi-axis robot specially engineered to suit specific applications. It can be deployed for different blast cleaning tasks – from deburring and desanding all the way to evidenced documented shot peening.


Typically automobile manufacturers utilise this highly efficient, compact and noise protected blast system to deburr and surface finish bell/gearbox housings made of magnesium alloy in extremely short cycle times, as low as just 26 seconds.  In order to handle the components from two parallel pressure die casting lines and place them into the shot blasting unit, the robot can be equipped with a double gripper. In the blast cabin, the bell and gearbox housings are shot blasted by six high performance and efficient blast wheels.

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Batch Treatment Of Springs

Leading manufacturers of engine valve and piston ring springs utilise general blast cleaning and shot peening systems.
There are various blast treatment options adapted to a multitude of spring sizes and geometries, depending on your treatment objectives.

Wave spring 1

images 8 - cropped

No other industrial item is produced in such a wide variety.



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Cleaning Opportunities

Blast cleaning with a suitably soft media, cleans fast and is environmentally friendly.  It provides a quick reconditioning, reclamation and renewal of dirty, corroded, worn machined components.  And is of vital importance to mechanical engineers, in the process of maintenance, component re-claim, rebuilders and re-manufacturers.

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Surf Finishing – A New Standard

sandra wishes!Surf-Finisher – a new standard for automated precision surface finishing

Surf Finishing is a new surface finishing technology that can be incorporated in an automated system combining; loading, handling, processing and even inspection all in one which can give an added benefit of retaining traceability on parts.

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Automotive Applications – for dry and wet / vapour blasting

To understand what dry and wet / vapour blasting is please see our blog: Blast Surface Preparation and Finishing – What Is It And Why Should We Consider Using It?

Another major industry that justifiably employ dry and wet /vapour blast processes:

Automotive industry

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