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Wet Blasting Equipment & Media, Part 4 – Internal Cleaning, Rebuilds Prolong Machine Lifetime  

While highly effective in a number of applications and industries, wet blasting can be a messy process. Unlike dry shot blasting which produces dust, wet blasting generates a mix of media, dirt, and debris mixed with water mist.

If this water/particle mix is not removed properly the machine itself may be soiled to the point that it cannot be used. Mist which escapes the machine can also cause health hazards to personnel and other equipment in the area.

Rosler builds its wet blasting machines with usability and safety in mind, factoring in precautions and cleaning functions to prolong the machine’s use and ensuring a clean, safe work environment.

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Determining The Need For a Shot Blast Rebuild.

Why Rebuild a Shot Blasting Machine?

Shot blast machines are often a considerable investment for companies. When these highly specialized and high investment pieces of equipment start to show signs of wear and underperformance, expert surface finishing companies such as Rosler Metal Finishing can help prolong the life and effectiveness of your investment by repairing and rebuilding a machine instead of replacing it.013_03_RRB_42_6_L_mitUnscharfHG

Cost is often the biggest factor considered when rebuilding a shot blasting machine. Generally, rebuilds offer shorter turnaround times than buying a new machine. Rebuilds also come with the added benefit of not needing to integrate a new process since the process already includes a proven shot blasting process.

Levels of Rebuilds

The extensiveness of the rebuild process depends on your specific machine, its condition, and your expectations for longevity versus quick repair.

Different levels of rebuilds fall into three categories:

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A blast from the past – rebuilding a shot blast machine

Modern manufacturers are under increasing pressure to minimize production costs without sacrificing product quality or equipment reliability.   No one understands this predicament better than high precision die casting manufacturers. Trying to minimize cost associated with scrap and the expensive tooling bodies required for high precision die casting while delivering a consistent product to customers requires balance.

Pace Industries, one of North America’s leading full-service aluminum, zinc, and magnesium die casting manufacturers, found that balance with Rosler. The company needed a cost-effective solution for finishing automotive castings in one of their Mexico facilities.  A used through feed tumble belt shot blast machine from Rosler Metal Finishing, USA which had been used in one of Pace’s other facilities was available, but in need of some attention.

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How To Ensure You Get The Maximum Performance Out Of Your Blast Turbine

Rutten “C” and “Y” Blast Wheel Turbines


The Long-life Rutten has the longest ultimate life expectancy of any, lasting upto 20 times longer than a standard blast wheel or turbine.

This is a highly-engineered blast wheel with exceptionally tight tolerances and built-in specialist superior steel alloys.  Due to the higher value materials and the high specification machining costs of these materials, the initial investment and cost of component wear parts are more highly valued.

However, if maintenance and/or production problems are presently a big issue, the economics of this blast wheel can be demonstrated in ultimately high production speeds and demanding applications.

Least Maintenance And Highest Specifications

Less costs for maintenance up to 16 times higher wear resistance and service life of up to 40,000 operating hours (over 18 years on a single shift).

rosler-gamma-y-wheel rutten-y-wheel

The proven Rutten Long-Life turbines, equipped with components made from carbide steel are characterised by their extremely long service life of up to 40,000 operating hours resulting in significantly higher equipment uptimes and drastically reduced time requirements for maintenance.

They offer substantial savings in energy consumption and spare part costs/hour. The blades have a precise design with a high recognition value and in addition allows the “Y” blade to be turned and used twice. Long-Life turbines are installed in a wide range of new shot blast equipment and can be easily retrofitted into existing shot blast machines.

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Replace Blast Wheels and Spare Parts

PART 1             The Case for Superior Blast Wheel / Turbine Efficiency

Your blast wheel is the “business end” of you shot blast machine.   It is the main component which delivers the blast media and performs the blast cleaning or peening process.rosler-gamma-y-wheel

Its performance is vital!

Not only is the blast wheel vital, it is probably the more expensive single item on the machine in terms of performance, productivity, time, maintenance, repair and wear part costs.

Focusing on your future

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Retrofit Blast Turbine And Spare Parts

PART 2   The Case for Superior Blast Wheel / Turbine Efficiency

Less energy consumption up to 25% cost-savings and compliance to environmental policy.

Depending on the size and type of shot blast process i.e. type of machine – Table, Hanger, Barrel, or Through Conveyor, the cost of running per hour adds up.

A simple small table or hanger machine may pull between 11 amps to 60 amps / blast wheel.  A single blast wheel will require 5.5kW to say 30Kw.  Using a nominal 10p / kW hour, costs range from 55p to £3.00/ blast hour x 2,200 hours / annum equates to between £1,210 and £6,600.

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Replacement Blast Turbine And Spare Parts

 PART 3         The Case for Superior Blast Wheel / Turbine Efficiency

Our / Your Aims

To reduce to a minimum the amount of maintenance labour required on the blast wheel.  By placing superior quality spare wear parts into the blast wheel, that will sustain and maintain the blast pattern between 2 and 20 times longer, depending on your application, choice of blast wheel and abrasive type employed.

Reduce the number of wear parts required to be purchased per annum, by making the spares of higher quality material and design, which wear at a much slower rate, and maintain their integrity for very much longer.

How To Achieve The Benefits, Savings And Additional Production

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