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Shot Blasting 101

Shot blasting is a specialized surface finishing process where small metal (or mineral) pellets, called blast media, are thrown onto the surface of a work piece at incredibly high speeds. With rates of speed ranging from 200-800 feet per second, the impact on the work pieces from this process is what produces the desired surface finishing effect.

Shot blasting can help achieve surface cleaning, surface preparation, descaling, deburring, deflashing, and shot peening.

The process components of a shot blasting system include a shot blast machine, raw and finished work pieces, blast media, dust, and other byproducts. Rosler has more than 80 years of experience in developing comprehensive shot blasting systems.

The two most common types of shot blast machines are turbine blasting and air blasting.

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Testing & Expertise Overcome Shot Blasting Challenges

For nearly a decade, Sales Representative and Interim Product Manager of Turbine Blast Equipment Zack Murray has been one of Rosler’s top shot blasting experts. 

Working with customers and our global Customer Experience Centers, he helps develop and test surface finishing machines and media in addition to dialing in specific process parameters.

At times, adhering to the Rosler motto and guiding principle of “finding a better way…” can be difficult and complicated. Luckily, Murray and the entire Rosler team are committed to delivering world-class surface finishing equipment, consumables, and service in a variety of industries.

In this post, Murray shares the most challenging issue he has tackled at Rosler and how the team developed a solution.

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New Deflashing Equipment Assists 30-year Customer Increase Production

For over 30 years, Berker GmbH & Co KG (Berker) has trusted Rosler shot blasting equipment in its manufacturing processes.

A member of the Hager Group since 2010, Berker is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end electrical components, from timeless classical switches to intelligent electrical systems for buildings. The company also supplies switches for electrical appliances and automobiles.

The Situation

Berker primarily uses continuous feed systems such as loop and flat belt machines to deflash plastic components including switching elements, electrical outlet covers, frames, and more.

Increased production volume at its Wenden-Ottfingen manufacturing location led Berker to decide to invest in an additional shot blast machine in 2018. The new investment was intended to replace an existing continuous feed loop belt system with the latest deflashing technology.

Its specifications called for increased capacity and high equipment availability.

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Dutch Equipment Manufacturer Increases Flexibility with Automatic Shot Blasting

Blast cleaning is uniquely capable and efficient at delivering the pre-coating surface preparation required for components that must be able to withstand severe ambient conditions including heavy equipment for construction and mining, agricultural machinery, transportation and material handling equipment, and railway equipment and rolling stock.

When Dutch equipment manufacturer Delwi Groenink sought a better solution for prepping its various steel weldments for painting, the company enlarged its manufacturing depth with a new continuous hanger shot blast machine from Rosler.

The Situation

Based in Enschede, Netherlands, the company designs and produces numerous products including placement systems for container pads. Its customers largely work within the material handling, offshore, and transportation sectors.

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Automotive Manufacturer Partners with Rosler for Fast Processing, Long Wear Life

True to our “finding a better way…” motto, Rosler partnered with thyssenkrupp AG to create a continuous flow shot blasting operation for the fastest crankshaft forge shop in the world.

World renowned for its drive trains, chassis, and automobile manufacturing equipment, the automotive division of thyssenkrupp AG significantly contributes to the technical progress and efficiency of motor vehicles. The thyssenkrupp Gerlach GmbH plant in Homburg, Germany, is a leading partner for the development of automobile engine components, offering a full-service package ranging from component design, prototype fabrication, and full-scale production.

Developing a Solution

To improve cost efficiency at its Homburg plant and to meet all customer requirements, thyssenkrupp AG installed its high-tech “production line 19” for forged crankshafts for engines with one to four cylinders in 2016. For this line, Rosler developed an innovative shot blast equipment concept known as the Rosler RKWS crankshaft shot blasting system.

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How To Ensure You Get The Maximum Performance Out Of Your Blast Turbine

Rutten “C” and “Y” Blast Wheel Turbines


The Long-life Rutten has the longest ultimate life expectancy of any, lasting upto 20 times longer than a standard blast wheel or turbine.

This is a highly-engineered blast wheel with exceptionally tight tolerances and built-in specialist superior steel alloys.  Due to the higher value materials and the high specification machining costs of these materials, the initial investment and cost of component wear parts are more highly valued.

However, if maintenance and/or production problems are presently a big issue, the economics of this blast wheel can be demonstrated in ultimately high production speeds and demanding applications.

Least Maintenance And Highest Specifications

Less costs for maintenance up to 16 times higher wear resistance and service life of up to 40,000 operating hours (over 18 years on a single shift).

rosler-gamma-y-wheel rutten-y-wheel

The proven Rutten Long-Life turbines, equipped with components made from carbide steel are characterised by their extremely long service life of up to 40,000 operating hours resulting in significantly higher equipment uptimes and drastically reduced time requirements for maintenance.

They offer substantial savings in energy consumption and spare part costs/hour. The blades have a precise design with a high recognition value and in addition allows the “Y” blade to be turned and used twice. Long-Life turbines are installed in a wide range of new shot blast equipment and can be easily retrofitted into existing shot blast machines.

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Replace Blast Wheels and Spare Parts

PART 1             The Case for Superior Blast Wheel / Turbine Efficiency

Your blast wheel is the “business end” of you shot blast machine.   It is the main component which delivers the blast media and performs the blast cleaning or peening process.rosler-gamma-y-wheel

Its performance is vital!

Not only is the blast wheel vital, it is probably the more expensive single item on the machine in terms of performance, productivity, time, maintenance, repair and wear part costs.

Focusing on your future

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8 Things You Need To Consider When Buying A Roller Conveyor Shotblasting Machine

As with all investments there will be a number of suppliers and machine types available to you.

In order to ensure you get the best value for money we recommend you consider the following:

8 things you need to consider when buying a roller conveyor shotblast machine as at 08062016

Discover more about the Rösler range of roller conveyor shot blast machines here

Blast Surface Preparation and Finishing- What Is It And Why Should We Consider Using It?


Blast Surface Preparation and Finishing equipment is offered in many variations according to the desired process requirements.

A Blast process can be found to be the most commercial process in terms of high achievement, speed of process, environmental considerations and economics.

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Shot Blast Tip 6 – Regularly Check Your Wear Parts In Your Shot Blast Machine

Wear parts in your shot blast machine are the: blades/vanes, control cage, impellor and side / top wear plates in the blast wheel(s) themselves and the wear protection plates in the blast zone (in the area calculated to have the most impact from the abrasive when it is thrown from the wheel).

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