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Consumable Innovations Improve Finishing Outcomes

True to our mantra of “finding a better way…” Rosler Metal Finishing is constantly working to optimize our consumables. These improvements and additions to our offerings improve process stability, cost efficiency, and productivity of surface finishing processes.

From media composition and compounds to wastewater handling, Rosler is dedicated to constant enhancement in the area of consumables as well as our mass finishing and shot blasting technology.


One such example is Rosler’s development of a plastic media with the grinding and non-chip characteristics of ceramic media. Minimizing the risk of work piece damage, this range of high-density plastic media exactly achieves this frequently requested combination.

High-density plastic media
High-density plastic media
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Automation, Part 4 – Choosing the Right Machine and Consumables

Rosler Metal Finishing understands that automation integration requires careful planning to ensure the best, most efficient results. Whether for mass finishing or shot blasting, we have more than 80 years of experience helping customers match machines and consumables.

Taking time to evaluate your process needs as a whole will help you and a trusted partner such as Rosler determine what machine and consumables will best suit your automation needs and goals.

How do I choose the right machine?

Selecting the right machine is the most critical step to ensure the success of any automation project. Without the right machine, your automation process is sure to fail or produce disappointing results.

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Surface Finishing Guidebook for Medical Instruments

Among the various technologies used for finishing the surface of medical instruments, mass finishing and shot blasting play a key role, not only as intermediate steps but also for placing the final, finishing touch on these components.Call to action text in case your image doesn't load.

Besides the right material selection, surface treatment is an essential component of the overall manufacturing process of medical instruments. Only high-quality surface finishes guarantee the required functionality, high sterility, corrosion resistance, and absolute reliability that most medical components require, while also providing a satin, non-glare appearance.

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3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Mass Finishing Media

Whether it be a process for polishing, surface cut downgrinding, deburring, cosmetic finishing, or just cleaning, an appropriate media is available. Choosing the media can seem daunting at first, with over 1700 various media and compounds available. Therefore, sample trials are of significant importance.  Here are three considerations to think about when choosing the right media: Read more about media purchasing considerations