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Orthopedic Implants, Part 5 – Mass Finishing Offers Medical-Grade Polishing

Mass finishing is a highly versatile finishing technology that can be used for a wide variety of different surface treatment operations including those in the medical industry. As a result, it is no surprise that mass finishing processes are utilized at practically every manufacturing stage for all kinds of orthopedic implants.

With decades of experience, Rosler leverages mass finishing technology and develops equipment to meet the tight tolerances required for orthopedic implants.

Common Finishing Processes

Mass finishing is a grinding system, utilizing the pressure between the media and work pieces, combined with the constant “rubbing” of the media against the work pieces. This generates a grinding and polishing effect, leaving a smooth surface finish that can be as low as Ra = 0.8 microinches (0.02 μm).

For the comfort of patients and effectiveness of the components, orthopedic implants must be finished to precise specifications.

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The Reasons Why Super Finishing Enhances Component Performance

Super Finishing removes the asperities that are inherent in the manufacturing process. By safely removing these microscopic peaks, the Super Finishing process leaves a much more uniform surface that reduces friction and allows for increased lubrication capability.  While the dimensional integrity of the part remains intact, the result is an improved component that will operate at lower temperatures, have increased durability, quieter operation and increased time between maintenance.

 Better surface properties on gear teeth and other functional surfaces are responsible for:

  • reducing friction and wear;
  • reducing operating temperature, even at high speeds;
  • eliminating any need for ‘run in’ time and reducing the risk of component failure at the initial stages of its life;
  • reduction of vibration and noise within the unit, again increasing its marketability and improving its performance;
  • cleaner lubricant as a result of reduced component wear producing ‘debris’ to pollute the component’s working environment (resulting again in shortening the component life span);

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Keramo® Superfinishing

Any time two metal parts come into contact with each other the resulting friction causes heat build up.  These high temperatures cause wear and over time reduce efficiency and eventually create the need for replacement.  By creating a smooth and shiny finish the  process improves the life and efficiency of moving metal parts.  Increased life translates into lower operating costs as well as better performance.

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