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Shot Peening – Blasting for Longer Component Life

High speed and highly controlled, the process of shot peening has many similarities to the aerospace, automotive, and aviation components it is used on. The machines require absolute precision and reproducibility much like the components they are preparing for long life and changing loads.

Shot peening is a special shot blasting process in which spherical blast media is thrown at the surface of metallic work pieces. The impact energy of the pellets “cold forms” the upper layers of the metal similar to hammering and forging processes.

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Batch Treatment Of Springs

Leading manufacturers of engine valve and piston ring springs utilise general blast cleaning and shot peening systems.
There are various blast treatment options adapted to a multitude of spring sizes and geometries, depending on your treatment objectives.

Wave spring 1

images 8 - cropped

No other industrial item is produced in such a wide variety.



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