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Rosler & Lumag – Combining Multiple Solutions in a Single Finishing System

Finding a solution to our clients’ needs is nothing new for Rosler, nor is combining multiple solutions into a single finishing system. Take our work with Polish brake pad manufacturer Lumag Sp. z o.o. (Lumag), for example.

When they faced the challenge of de-oiling, deburring, and surface roughening brake pad carrier plates as part of their punch press process, they turned to us for a cleaning and mass finishing solution.

The Situation

Upon its founding in 1988 by Marek Zak, Lumag specialized in the production of brake linings. As the company implemented its own brake pad manufacturing technology, their products and offerings evolved. In addition to achieving enormous technological progress and applied engineering solutions, Lumag amassed a collection of machinery in need of constant upgrades and integration.

In order to meet the continuous rise of quality and safety standards for its brake pads for drum and disk brakes for commercial vehicles as well as brake pads for passenger cars and motorcycles under the trade name Breck, Lumag needed a partner with automotive expertise who could combine multiple solutions in a single system.

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The Applications Library

On this page you can search possible finishing applications by manufacturing method magnifying glassand/or component type (i.e. diecasting and/or motor housing).


Simply click the relevant topic below and all posts referring to the possibilities available  using mass finishing, shot blasting and/or shot peening will be presented for your reference.


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Applications For Mass Finishing Machines

To understand what mass finishing is please see our post: Mass Finishing – What Is It And Why Should You Consider Using It?


Mass finishing machines come in different shapes, sizes and styles; fromtestzentrum-gs-02-d1[1] vibratory bowls and troughs, high energy centrifugal disk machines to drag finishing.  Machines can often be chosen in batch and continuous flow versions and as such their application range is as wide as it is varied.  below are just some of the possible applications:

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